DNS-only redirection

Using DNS Redirect, you can redirect from your old domain without breaking links, bookmarks and keeping your SEO intact.

DNS Redirection

Simple redirection configuration using DNS that maintains paths and doesn't require a web server for you to manage.

Automatic HTTPS

HTTPS certificates are automatically provisioned and renewed with Let's Encrypt to ensure a secure connection all the way through.

Maintain Paths

Redirect paths to new host names to avoid breaking links, bookmarks and maintaining SEO. If necessary, strip paths and query strings.

Status Codes

Set permanent or temporary redirection status codes to help search engines index your new host name.

Two Step Configuration

Step One: Configure DNS

Add a CNAME record that points to dnsredirect.io. When we receive any requests from your source domain, we'll redirect to your target domain.

Step Two: Configure DNS Redirect

Add your source domain to DNS Redirect and configure a target domain. We'll take care of the HTTPS certificate and validate DNS.


URLs, including paths and query strings, will automatically forward to the new domain. You can see in the below image, actual results from Google Search Console from enabling DNS Redirect on one of our domains.